There may be areas of the Digital Marketing process Small Business owners would struggle to get stuck in to such as website programming and coding. But a large proportion could – in fact – be done in house. Here are just a few lists of tasks you can carry out in various different departments when marketing your business online…


Facebook continues to grow every year since it launched in 2004, in both active users and time spent on the platform. It’s still the most used social platform with nearly 2.45 billion monthly active users. Knowing who’s using the platform and how they are using it can make a difference when crafting a Facebook marketing strategy, and as a small business owner, you would be foolish to not want to try and tap into that market and get your business

Creating a business page on Facebook, a Google Business Page and a profile on Twitter takes little time and opens up an enormous world of opportunity for your company.  But being present on social media is not the same as having a presence.  You need to dress up your profiles with appropriate and relevant imagery, build an audience, and distribute the right information on a consistent basis.

Take full advantage of all the different imagery you use on your social media accounts. One way to do this is by advertising your current deals or specials, or promoting upcoming and current events your company might be involved in. The same should apply to your posts and always make sure you link back to your business’ website, as this would be a perfect opportunity to collect some valuable information that is vital for your marketing efforts.


Blogging is a proven way to reach out and inform new and current customers about your business and industry while also helping you establish credibility.  The fact that blogging is relevant for almost any type of business – and it can easily be fit into a Small Business owner’s schedule every week.

By taking the time once a week to sit down and writing up at least 600 words on a subject that’s part of your business. You could start educating your audience about your company, the industry and then get to convince them why they should trust your business over your competition.  Taking the time to optimize your articles by including industry-specific keywords that will help your blog show up higher in search engine results, and increase the number of people who interact with your content. 


While search engine optimization can be a bit of a complex process, there are various steps a small business owner can take when it comes to search engine optimization that will help their business become more relevant on Google without breaking the bank.

Create a list of industry-specific keywords that your potential customers would use to search for your services and make of use them throughout your website and social media profiles. Search engine crawlers look for these words, and help pages that are associated with these keywords become more relevant in searches.  So, if you’re a Gardening Service in Rivonia, be sure to include words such as Garden Services in Rivonia, Rivonia Garden Services, and other relevant keywords on your pages in order to stay relevant in the eyes of Google – just be sure not to overuse them!


Email marketing is a great way to remind your customers about your company and services and to inform members about new promotions.  Establishing an effective email campaign that doesn’t overwhelm your contacts list is a delicate process that requires a well thought out plan.  Come up with content that is relevant to your readers (blog posts, industry updates, service reminders, promotions, etc.) and establish a time frame in which you want to send these items out.

Newsletters and updates can be weekly or monthly, while promotions and service reminders can be seasonal.  Be sure that you aren’t sending out too many emails though – you don’t want to be viewed as a spammer.

Or maybe you require a professional team to handle all this seemingly tedious work? Get in touch with our partners at Word Of Digital.