With so much content being produced, the competition in today’s “attention economy” has never been more intense. As such, it’s vital that brand owners publish the best content possible, or risk their brand falling into obscurity. It’s better to publish one excellent post per week than five mediocre posts per week.

Understanding how you can optimise your content to get the best results for your brand and business is of paramount importance in the digital age. Here’s a brief overview of some Content Marketing Strategies you, as a South African small business owner, should look into to optimise content marketing for your business.

Goal setting

The first essential step to creating a successful strategy is goal setting. Goals help you to plan your business journey, keep on track in order to smash your targets.

Understanding your customers

Your brand’s content should be relevant to your potential customers in order to effectively attract them to your products and/or services.

You can also take advantage of the reporting tools on the various social media platforms to see what type of content resonates more with your audience and provide more direct and accurate content, increasing their trust in your brand.

Forms of Content

After planning your content marketing strategy, the next step is to execute it.

Content can come in the form of blogs, social media posts, eBooks, photos, videos, infographics – whatever method of delivery you choose depends on your product or service, and your audience.

Its always advised to test out a few content types to see what works best for your brand and your target demographic.

Stay Organised

Another important step is to stay organised.

Make use of various available Social Media Planners and keep track of your progress every step of the way. This will help you to stay on top of all your content related goals!

Evaluate the Success of Your Content with Data

One of the most common misconceptions about content marketing is that simply by publishing social media or blog posts, your brand will as a result take off and you’ll see a deluge of eager prospective customers all clamoring to get a piece of your brand’s product or service. Sadly, this is rarely the case. Smart content marketers aren’t just worried about producing excellent content, are also knowledgeable on how to measure the results of their efforts.

Most business owners are content to just glance at the number of shares their latest post received and make a judge it as a success based only on that. However, even the most widely shared post may fall short of reaching your business goals. What do you want your content to achieve for your business, and how will you measure it?  It is quite crucial that you take advantage of analytics and other data-driven approaches to help your brand evaluate the performance of your content – to avoid wasting your time and money on content that is falling short of achieving your targets.

Content Remarketing

A lot of time and effort goes into the process of content production, only for the content’s performance to underwhelm you. Along with the actual costs of producing quality content, it is this, sometimes unavoidable, poor R.O.I. that overshadows content’s value to small business owners – but truth is, even larger companies with teams of seasoned marketers fall victim to this. However, with content remarketing, you can ensure that even more people see, interact with, and respond to your content, in the second marketing push.

In closing

Many small business owners, don’t think about the advantages of leveraging a well-planned content marketing strategy to promote their content, and in turn their brand, so if you want to get your business ahead of the curve and broaden your content’s reach, why not reach out to our partners at Word of Digital: